It's only fabric...

I continue to practice what I preach--do what you want to fabric, it's no big deal, they'll make more. Only once in a while do I end up with something unuseable--and even those pieces end up being useful later (if I can find them).

So I had this piece of dark blue corduroy that I had discharged with bleach some time ago. It has an irregular pattern to it in that the wales are different sizes. When I hung it up on the wall the other day, I could see a landscape in it, an abstract one to be sure, but still. But I wasn't entirely happy with the patterning and color.

I have Thiox. I did a test piece to see what would happen and this is what happened:

The orange areas are from bleach; the white/green patch from Thiox. So now I know. I have now discharged the corduroy with both and am moving on in the design of the piece.

And sorry for the big gap in posts. I have been distracted by taxes and paperwork and now by scenes like this in my own yard:

That is all.