let the art begin....

Art has begun again in my studio. I finally have it set up--not that it won't be changing in the next few months as I figure out the space. I started making art there again today, in between other chores.

The space will work out ok. My only concern about it now is that it is below ground, and what if the sump pump fails? But where I was before, I worried about another tornado blowing the roof off, along with all my stuff on the top floor. Such is life, I guess, always a worry.

Which working on art helps to alleviate. That's why it's a comfort to be back in a space that's my own, with all my stuff about. Of course, now there are no excuses left...

Here's a peek at the new space:


celebrate the clutter

I hope that you can see from this photo that some progress has been made in unpacking my studio. I now know generally where things will be, but have come to the conclusion that what I need to do is just put everything away with the idea that I will move it around later as I figure out the space.

There is no 'hidden storage' in this space, unlike my last studio. I keep thinking about Norm Abram on his old PBS show about furniture making. He would always say 'celebrate the joint' as opposed to working away trying to hide the joint between two pieces of wood--when in all likelihood it would show anyway. So the fact that everything in my basement is hodge-podge and out in the open--that's intentional.

One driving force is money. But another, about as strong, is the desire to tread lightly on the earth--use what I have, repurpose it where necessary, make do.

One of my goals when I do start to make art again is to use what I have, to minimize any purchases. In this economy, with the price of gas high, that only seems like the right thing to do.


New Studio...a work in progress

I had no idea it had been over a month since my last post...what have I done with the time besides moving 250 miles and getting cataract surgery in both eyes? Not much.

But progress is being made. All of my studio stuff is under one roof, the rest of the house is coming together, and soon I will be able to make art again.

I have a large space available, but with less storage already in place. So I've been making some decisions about that. I thought about neat and orderly, all alike cabinetry. But it wasn't just the money that stopped me. I kind of like the mismash of things I have, the controlled chaos of it. I'm not sure how easy it would be to create in a neat (sterile, even) space. So I'm sticking with the hodge podge, the in your face boxes and tubs and such. It's a space for me, that I need to be comfortable in (note the beach chair already in place)...besides, it's more 'green' to make do with what I have.

On another note, Strata 3 (not yet on my website) was accepted into the SAQA IL/WI regional show, Prime, Primary, Primordial. The show debuted last weekend at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza, and travels next to the World Quilt and Textile show in Manchester, NH (Sept. 18-21). My art gets out and about more than I do.