let the art begin....

Art has begun again in my studio. I finally have it set up--not that it won't be changing in the next few months as I figure out the space. I started making art there again today, in between other chores.

The space will work out ok. My only concern about it now is that it is below ground, and what if the sump pump fails? But where I was before, I worried about another tornado blowing the roof off, along with all my stuff on the top floor. Such is life, I guess, always a worry.

Which working on art helps to alleviate. That's why it's a comfort to be back in a space that's my own, with all my stuff about. Of course, now there are no excuses left...

Here's a peek at the new space:


Jacque Davis said...

Looks like a great workspace BJ!

Have fun playing in it!


Ann said...

Your studio looks just great! And what a great thing, knowing where everything is... for a while at least:)