art is where you find it

Remember the blue cross on the tree from this post? Here is the same tree today:

Quite a change, huh?

If you look closely (at the tree, maybe not in the picture), you can still the vestige of the blue cross.

I wonder if the chain saw art world has the same struggles we in the art quilt world do? Wanting acceptance by the 'art world'. Finding like minded individuals. Fighting the chain art police rules? We get so wrapped up in our own struggles that we forget that others have similar struggles, and somewhere this weekend there's a big chain saw art convention....

For another object of art, here's a picture I took this morning near my house:

This is the fallen blossom of a mimosa tree--a very cool looking tree that was quite popular when I was young. I took pictures of this one because I don't know if they grow around my new home in Batavia, and my grandmother had one. They don't look real somehow, more like a Chinese painting come to life.

So while I continue to not make art, I continue to think about making art. That's worth something, right?


on the move...

Progress is being made. As long as nothing bad happens, our house is sold and we've bought a new one in Batavia, Illinois. We'll be moving the end of August. This space will be my new studio:

OK, you have to use some imagination. As far as I know, the drum kit isn't staying. And it will be the biggest space I've ever had, steps away from the laundry area. It should work out well.

In between now and then, I'm having my eyes fixed up--cataracts have been making it difficult for me to read. So posts on this blog may be a little slow, but I'll post when I can, and once I start making art again in September, I'll have things to say.