on the move...

Progress is being made. As long as nothing bad happens, our house is sold and we've bought a new one in Batavia, Illinois. We'll be moving the end of August. This space will be my new studio:

OK, you have to use some imagination. As far as I know, the drum kit isn't staying. And it will be the biggest space I've ever had, steps away from the laundry area. It should work out well.

In between now and then, I'm having my eyes fixed up--cataracts have been making it difficult for me to read. So posts on this blog may be a little slow, but I'll post when I can, and once I start making art again in September, I'll have things to say.

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The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh, good luck with all, especially the eyes. I'm overdue for an eye exam and think it's only a change in prescription I need. It's really telling now that I've switched to doing a lot of hand applique. Can't cheat much with that!