The Big Move

I haven't been making much art lately. I have a really good excuse--my husband is being transferred to the Geneva, Illinois area. So I'm currently swamped with decluttering and cleaning and painting the house we have now, getting it ready to sell.

And there's also the whole sucking out of any artistic feeling thing--the idea of moving after 30 years in this area, 19 years in this house, fills up my head. But once in a while I see a glimmer of the creative force. It'll come back, I'm sure. Maybe next week while I'm sitting around waiting for a buyer, trying to keep the house spotless...I'm thinking that needle felting doesn't make such a mess, maybe I could work on that.

For marketing purposes, I have to disassemble a large part of my studio--the downside of having put it in what should be the master bedroom of this house. Goodbye design wall, boxes of fabric, ironing board. But it's all in a good cause, and things will get back to a new normal soon enough.

One of the sparks of art is kind of strange. There's a city park in Keokuk on the Mississippi River where I like to eat lunch. They have been marking dead trees in preparation of cutting them down with blue paint--the contrast of the bright sky blue paint with the peeling bark is pretty cool.

I'm thinking of manipulating the pictures and printing them on organdy. One of these days, in my new studio, whereever it is.

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Ann said...

Sky Blue and Bark... great combination.