Art of the Mind

I'm still dealing with our upcoming move (including keeping an overly clean house--unlike my usual standards) and other family stuff. So I don't have a lot of time for art.

But I continue to be startled and gladdened by the family of orioles that deigns to come to my feeder. After numerous unsuccessful tries, I finally managed to get this picture of two of them this afternoon.

In their honor, and as a way to at least think about art, I've been, in spare moments, trying to figure out how to make hand felted pieces inspired by oriole nests, using the hand dyed felt I got at IQF. After a couple of attempts, I think I've figured out how to get the shape.

But then I realized I had not envisioned them beyond that point--other than felt with thick and thin spots and color variations, what was I thinking? Apparently nothing...so I'm still working out that part. I could go over the top and encrust them with threads and beads and such, but that seems so antithetical to the 'less is more' esthetic I've been cultivating lately. So I'll dither on that for a while.

And ponder this really cool tree stump/burl I found in the Hamilton City Park today:

Is that nifty or what? That texture....how to capture it in fiber....


The Idaho Beauty said...

That IS a cool stump. Go for it! You might consider painted fusible web. You can layer small shards of it to build up the texture of the bark as I did here:

As for the impending move, I can empathize. I didn't have a house to sell, nor had I been in the area as long as you, but once it got down to the last few months, I gave up all hope of doing anything creative. Just too many details to deal with and emotions to keep in check. Good luck, and may it go smoothly for you. It sounds like you are keeping a positive attitude!

bj parady said...

Good idea! I'll check that out.

Now that the house is ready to put on the market, the creativity is poking its way out of my brain. I might actually get something made!

kathy said...

The orioles are lovely...we don't see them around here. The stump will give you something creative to ponder in the midst of your craziness! Hope hubby is doing well.

kathy said...

I didn't mean "your" craziness...I meant "the" craziness....sorry, Barb!