Buckeye in April

This has been a hard month to capture--it seems as if the buckeye is changing hourly. One morning last week I took pictures of the ready to burst open buds, by the afternoon they were changed...so I had trouble deciding which moment to choose.
I have a picture that I printed out on organdy, but it was too realistic even as I had abstracted it in photoshop. I'll make something of it, but not the April buckeye piece.
Instead I went more expressionistic--bud shaped fused pieces, freeform stitching, strokes of shiva, all reinforcing the idea of the buds busting out. The essence of spring.
The actual piece is a little less bright than this scan...I'm having trouble with the shininess of the silk background.


Liz said...

I love the - is it called painterliness? - of this piece ... just discovered your blog and I'm enjoying reading about the way your work takes shape, especially the series.

bj parady said...

That's what I was going for, painterliness :) The March piece came out too realistic for me--not an improvement, refinement, of the photo from which it came. In this series, I'm trying to capture the essence of the tree at a moment, rather than the details of the tree...that said, it's now in full bloom, attracting hummingbirds, begging for the May piece to be made.
thanks :)