progress? movement, anyway

I had these strips of various silks left over from Dancing in the Moonlight. I hung them with pins on the design wall, and like their unevenness and the darker color. So I sewed them on (by hand! unusual for me these days), and even left one hanging past the edge.

I even tore off the holes on the right side, mainly to make a more rectangular piece. I also tore off the hemmed edges, because I intend to have a frayed edge as part of the finished piece.

But it needs something to balance the left side on the right side. It has to be something that allows the ripples to show through. I did a bunch of thumbnail sketches, and decided I liked a circle best.

The acid green pieces are just sitting there for now. I think I'll probably fuse them on and then do some stitching on them. Then quilt the piece and figure out where to go from there.

But I have overcome the hesitation and cut into that 'perfect piece'. If it works, great. If not, there's more fabric out there...like the two great linen tablecloths I got at a garage sale this morning...

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