more corn work

In between trying to figure out what big piece to work on next (I have several pieces of fabric in various stages of design hanging on my wall being stared at), I have done a couple more small pieces with the corn stamp.

This one is, sorry for the pun, kind of corny. And too cutesy I think:

Maybe I just had to get it out of my system.

Here's another one, that came out better:

It's a little stark, the difference between the white Shiva Paintstick highlights and the black thread stitching (ala pen and ink), but I'm happy with the piece. It looks like a quick sketch, which is what I was going for.

So in spite of my dithering about the 'big picture', I am making art. Maybe not for the masses, but for myself. The advantage of small pieces is I get them done quickly--and I don't care if one comes out less than I wanted (like the top one), because I have little invested in it--either in time or materials. And if I have been paying attention, I learned something from it. That's enough to make me do more.


Karin Hammel said...

I like the blue sketchy one.

The Idaho Beauty said...

That poor ear of corn, trapped behind that barbed wire fence! It looks stressed, like it really wants out! Are you familiar with Uncle Bonsai's song, A Lonely Ear of Corn? Too funny - and this makes me think of that.

I do rather like the way the colors are worked in the corn, though.

The blue one is great.