Field Trip

My husband and I took the day off today and went on a field trip to the nearby Morton Arboretum. Arboreta have always been favorites of ours, besides the trees there are usually garden ideas, paths to walk, new flowers to meet. And it's only about 15 miles away from our home. So we became members and can go back for free any time we want.

Along the walks, I found some interesting textures:

Of course, the challenge is how to achieve that in textiles. And here's a landscape shot, showing a nice composition of foreground, midground, background, and of light and dark:

Finding new sources of inspiration is a good thing.

That is all.


Ann said...

Make sure you look at Jo Sealy's work.

Ann said...

left out the t

Jo Stealey

She has been making "skins" from beaten flax.