the wait is over

After much postponing, dithering, avoiding, I have launched a new version of my website. I think of it as BJ Parady 2.0.

Right now it's quite simple. No Flash, no music. That's a deliberate decision--I want the site to be about the art, not about how well I can--or cannot--write html. The navigation may be a little cluncky, but you can easily get about in the site.

Except for the front page, I went with a white background--again because of the art. It just looks crisper and better against pure white.

At the moment there are only 16 pieces of art on there--at least 12 of which have never been on my site before. In time, I will be adding more older work. But for now it is simply a portfolio of where I am at this moment in time as an artist.

That is all.


The Idaho Beauty said...

I just took a quick tour of the revamped website and like what I see. The pictures in the gallery in particular were impressive. Somehow you've managed to get a very 3-d effect - I felt I could reach out and finger the tucks and loose strips. I liked being able to click on one thumbnail and then continue clicking through without having to go back to the main gallery page.

The only thing I didn't like was the background color on the home page - on my monitor it has a sickly look that is at odds with the fine yellow in your art displayed there.

I think simpler is a good thing. The fact that I could navigate the whole site so quickly is, in my mind, a positive thing. Oh - and I'm on dial-up, so a quick-loading page is a plus for me and all yours loaded quickly.

bj parady said...

Thanks. The trick to the pictures is a tripod and good lighting. You're second person to comment on the background color, guess I should change it. Going to tweak things this week anyway. And I completely agree about the navigation--I hate having to constantly go back to the main page to look at people's work.