layers on layers

This piece has been kicking around my studio since I did the snow dyeing last winter:

It's an old tea towel, with some holes in it (the black spots). Couldn't quite bring myself to do anything to it, probably because I couldn't think of what to do.

Then I read Cynthia St. Charles' blog about printing and overprinting, and it got me to thinking about trying something similar. But different. Not copying, being inspired by.

I took this stamp (which I carved inspired by a cross section of a hedge apple):

and, using Jacquard Discharge Paste, began stamping it:

I first tried some here and there, but I kept needing more--the funky peach color I was getting was weird when rare, nice when common. The current result is this:

Because of variance in the amount of paste I put on the stamp each time, and also in the amount of heat I applied to the paste, there are at least four levels of discharge in the piece. So I already have some layering going on.

The piece is currently drying (I find it best to wash out the excess paste before proceeding). When it's dry, I may add some more layers via paint--but the decision to be made is whether to use the same stamp, or switch to another. And what color to use.

Right now the piece kind of reminds me of diatoms swimming in a primordial sea. But that's just me.

That is all.

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