mulling and musing

The days are getting longer a minute or two every day. We're in the midst of a January thaw. The world outside my window is pretty much white on white--white ground, white sky.

So what better time to be distracted like Ricochet Rabbit? I bounce around from a great newly discovered blog to wondering why I keep making snow dyed pieces that look too much like '60's tie dye to patiently hand stitching a silk piece. I think of a 1000 things I'd like to try and then worry that what I make looks like 1000 people made it. Nothing is quite right, nothing is altogether wrong.

Cabin fever? Maybe, although I get out every day--tomorrow I'm even going to Wisconsin to Regina Benson's artist's talk. Mostly, though, I think I'm just stuck in winter doldrums. It should be a good time to catch up on the minutiae of art like sewing on hanging devices or cutting mats. But the interwebs beckon and I heed their siren.

But I have found that the things I think of now, the ideas I mull and dissect, will show themselves in future work. I make art in the present, but it is conceived in the past.

However, I wouldn't turn down a sunny day or 14.

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