Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day. Bloggers around the world are taking one day to post on the same subject; this year it's 'environment.'

I was trained as a botanist. These days, the only real botany I do is as a volunteer for The Nature Conservancy at a preserve near my home (Kibbe Life Science Research Station, Warsaw, Illinois), helping to establish a small tall grass prairie and restoring oak woodlands (a globally endangered ecosystem).

But this environment impacts all of my work as an artist--it informs me, inspires me, and sometimes depresses me by the state it is in. I try to say something about the microcosm in which I live with every piece of art I make--for instance, Prairie Fire 2 was inspired by actual prescribed burns at Kibbe, the colorful fire on a cloudy day, the charred ground left behind the leaping flames.

So the word 'environment' is very close to my heart, and thus to my art. I can't make art without it, I need to do all I can to preserve it.


Anonymous said...

Barb - Great minds think alike :) Check out my post today for Blog Action Day:


Take care, Virginia

bj parady said...

uh, where do you think I got the idea? :)

Julaine Lofquist-Birch said...

What a beautiful image...