In honor of Kathryn

Today would have been my mother's 95th birthday. A few days ago we passed the 20th anniversary of her death.

She was a high school English teacher, a full time working mother in a time when that wasn't very common.

So in her honor, let me direct you to a site with a vocabulary game called Free Rice. As you play it, every word you get correct (no one knows if it's an educated guess) earns 10 grains of rice to be given to someone who needs it. The site is an off shoot of poverty.com, which an educational site about world hunger. The rice is paid for with the small ads that appear below the vocabulary words.

And who knows, you might learn a new word or two.

Warning, it can be addictive...


The Idaho Beauty said...

250 grains of rice and a level 40 maintained later, I was starting to guess too much! But my mother would be proud. She taught English AND Latin, insisting that you could figure out the meaning of many words you didn't know if you knew the latin roots. She was right!

I think she would have been a contemporary of your mother. This is a great way to honor them both. Thanks.

bj parady said...

I managed for one word to get to a level of 47, but my bad guess shot me down immediately...I did stick around until I hit 600 grains though, an amount that might actually fill someone's bowl.

keep playing...and the reason I made so many good guess WAS the fact that I took Latin.

gabrielle said...

Thanks for the great link...what a great way to honor your Mom. Only got to level 46 with 1020 grains of rice....obviously I tripped and fell a couple of times. My mom dad would be proud of all those $ they spent on my liberal arts degrees.