hand me downs

In spite of my efforts to maintain a shabby look to my studio, I keep acquiring things that make it look quite nice. Like this monster:

This began life in Tom's workshop as the base for an entertainment center, back in the days when TV's were gigantic and heavy. It has six large drawers that used to hold cd's and dvd's. It didn't fit in our new family room, and while we found a home for it, it seemed like a waste of a nice piece of furniture.

So now it's down in my studio. I emptied several boxes of fabric into it, found (all too quickly) stuff to set on the top of the surface. And discovered this:

I have more than enough linens to keep me busy for several years. I got them all quite cheaply (especially when you think about the cost of good fabric these days), and they take Procion MX dyes wonderfully.

That is all.

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