I am declaring a rebellion on the white and black (with touches of blue sky) world in which I live. I am consciously avoiding being subtle...well, mostly. The piece still calls the shots. But remember the subtle shibori piece (go to the bottom of the post)? It has had this added to it:

Not bad, huh? Take that, gray world!

I do have to confess that in the last couple of days I have found some color in my exterior world--a tinge of burnt sienna in some willow trees, and glorious gold and rust in some Indian grass sticking out of a snow bank. It's there, just hard to find.

We just survived the longest stretch of snowing days in Chicago history, and have this to show for it:

This is a typical rural style mailbox, usual height. We're thinking of sculpting an igloo over it next.

But in the meantime, if I can't find much color outside, I'll find it in my studio.

That is all.


Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I have to agree with you. I live north of you and today, with this frigid temperatures we are now experiancing plus all the snow I just felt depressed. So I got out my bright orange, teal and black and white quilt and sat in the sun with my machine and instantly felt better.

I can not wait for tulips in all colors coming up with the daffodils.

Jacque Davis said...

I really like this color you are using. It is just what we need this time of year. I agree it is hard to see much of any color I do have some lovely woodpeckers with bright red heads outside this afternoon.
Stay warm! I am trying the kerosene heater in my garage this weekend.