what to do, what to do

Is this or is this not cool? The random patterning, the mix of colors, the hard intersections, the soft transitions. I'm quite fond of this new thing in my life.

One problem. It's plastic. As in cheap, disposable tablecloth plastic. It was the drop cloth I used to make my poured painting. So I've been trying to figure out a way to transfer it to cloth, my substrate of choice.

First try was to replicate something I've done with monoprints before--with them, you can paint on the substrate, let it dry, then put a piece of wet paper on it and run it through a printing press and the paint transfers to the paper. So I tried this:

This shows plastic face up, then wet fabric, rolled with a heavy marble rolling pin (which does work with monotype/paper process). The result:

Nada. In case you can't tell, this is the fabric being peeled up from the plastic. For the record, I tried it the other way around, too, with the plastic on top so more pressure was applied to it. That worked a little better, but not good enough.

So now I'm stuck with this:

Yep, it's hanging there on my rocking chair taunting me. The alternatives I've come up with are:

--learn to sew with plastic
--turn it into a mixed media piece, forget about fiber
--photograph/scan it and print the photos on fabric

Any other ideas? There are sections on this that would make really great fabric, if only...

Sadly, that is all.


kathy said...

I would probably do all three...I take pictures of particularly striking designs too and keep them on computer.

kathy said...

Hey Barb, I've just had another idea for your lovely plastic. After taking pics and scanning them for posterity...cut up your plastic into smaller "journal" sizes, sew them up and hang them together as one. Then you have your completed piece.