Water based resist workshop

I spent three days last week at a Jane Dunnewold workshop on using water based resists (soy wax, washable glue, flour paste). Lots of work and knowledge passed on, and lots of good company. The host organization was a nearby art center, the Fine Line Creative Arts Center. It's an excellent facility, and only about 10 miles from my home.

The processes are messy, and there's never enough room to put your stuff. But the results, although sample sized, are good examples to inspire future 'real' work:

I need to work out a place I can be messy in my house, or else wait until I can do it outside. I'm thinking that won't be anytime soon--this picture was taken out my front door an hour ago:

Does anyone in charge of the weather realize that it's April? The saving grace is that it is currently above freezing, so this will all go away soon.

And as it always seems, some of the most interesting bits are from the cloth I used to pad the surface:

That is all.

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