Fiber Art Alliance Goes Public

I am pleased, honored, humbled, all of the above to announce my selection as a member of the Fiber Art Alliance. This group of fiber and mixed media artists was recently formed and is now going public with our website.

We are spending this year each making three small pieces using the theme Natural Lines. The first set of these are now posted on the website.

And here is a detail shot of my piece, Trail:Lake Agnes:

This piece has several fabrics I started dyeing in my Jane Dunnewold class. The hint at birch trees seen in this section was the result of a happy accident, and some of this piece can also be seen in my previous post. The appearance of trees inspired my theme for the three pieces, playing on an idea that had been bouncing around in my head for a while.

One of my favorite pasttimes is hiking in new places. This piece is a memory of hiking along the Lake Superior Trail in late September 2002. The colors of turning leaves, the quiet fall of footsteps along a leaf littered forest floor, foggy days--all of these sensual memories remain.

I think the second piece I make will be about walking in national parks in the southwest--the idea isn't yet developed enough to pick a trail. But soon it will be.

In other news, my hammock is now hung in my new yard, so let the moments of Zen begin.

That is all.


Ann said...

congratulations! The new website looks fantastic.

The Idaho Beauty said...

How exciting! This has got to give you a boost, if you needed one. Like this piece - off to go look at the website.