living on the edges

The first big piece of my new series seems to be done, so I set about trying to figure out how to finish the edges--anything but traditional binding. My first choice would be some recycled silk yarn like this:

But this is red. I looked locally and on the intertubes, but either they didn't have greens or you couldn't choose a color. Then I thought to try dyeing it--knew I couldn't get green starting from red, but hoped for a nice neutral:


I did get a cool paper towel out of the deal--after I thought I had washed out the yarn enough:

Not sure what to do with that. So off I went to a new--to me--yarn store in nearby Geneva, Illinois, called Wool and Company. Way cool store. I came home with these two balls:

which are different in person--the small ball is less orange, and the big one is green. I cut two lengths of the small ball, and one of the green, and the result is this:

Quite nice, and close to what I was hoping for. And I have enough to use on as many of the other pieces as I want. A good finish to be sure.

That is all.


Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

so did you hand stitch the yarn into those lines?? it is so precise and straight!! you have such patience. i think it would be cool to have a machine that could run yarn like thread.

bj parady said...

I used a piping foot and a zigzag stitch on my regular sewing machine. It feeds the yarn under the needle evenly. If I had to do it by hand, it would be much more crooked...