more galls...

Although the joys of homeowning have conspired to keep me out of the studio, I am making progress on one of the large pieces of my new series. I knew I wanted to quilt the gall shapes with little cell-like circles, so I did that first:

This piece started life as a sketch:

But how to finish the quilting? I decided to use an old trick, invented by someone in the distant past, tracing paper:

This is the basic plan I decided on--horizontal lines, becoming closer as they got to the center of interest, the galls.

So now that part is done. I think the piece isn't finished yet, though. I am currently thinking of couching down this textured yarn in vertical lines:

I like the way they look, but am not sure how they enhance the overall composition--which I think may be the issue I should be dealing with. Back to hanging on the design wall while I stew over it, I think.

Meanwhile, I've taking photos of recent works that I need to send off to various places, including some entries to shows. In the prepping of these photos, I have found a recent purchase quite useful--Digital Essentials, by Gloria Hansen. I used to bug Gloria with my digital problems, now I can just look them up.

Oh, and I'm now on twitter: @bjparady.

That is all.

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Rebekah said...

love seeing your design process with sketch.