the big dye

While driving to and from the Faire, I developed a plan for a new series of work. Somewhere I saw a suggestion that a good group of work to present to a gallery consists of 2-3 large pieces and 7-10 small pieces, all part of a series. So my plan is this:

  1. Chose a theme--done (goldenrod galls, bear with me on this as it will become more clear as the group develops)
  2. Dye a long length of silk to use as the main fabric in the pieces (in progress)
  3. Construct the big pieces first, then the small, maybe including some really small ones that could be matted to 4x6"

So I started the dyeing yesterday:

When I washed out this batch, there was a lot of white space left--apparently one of the colors I used didn't work well with silk. So I tried again with this sneak peek at the result:

I'm not sure if this is what I was going for. I may 'gray' this out some as I had been thinking of duller colors.

But ever since I did the snow dyeing, I've been trying to figure out why that fabric looks different. One of my hypotheses is that it is the result of the dye being still in powder form. So I sprinkled some powder on it. And this happened:

Very cool. And I also like this part:

So over the holiday, I will contemplate whether to go with the colors I have, or dye some more. The thing is, it's not like there's a wrong choice here.

That is all.


Ann said...

You are off to a great start with this. So why begin with the big pieces? If you started with smaller "studies" would that help prepare for the larger pieces? By prepare, I mean give you the opportunity to audition different combinations, quilting designs, etc?

bj parady said...

ok, let me clarify a little. At the very least, I need to separate the big pieces from the 5 yard length so that they aren't swiss cheese by the time I start them...but it still feels right to me to do finish one big one early on, but that's just me.