the dull bits

After a fairly productive week last week--I made art!--this week I have to knuckle down to some of the dull bits and pieces of life, both as an artist and as a homeowner (painting, patching, climbing on ladders). I am getting ready to enter some shows again, but this involves doing the necessary photography. Here's the start of that stack:

On the bad side, that's only part of what I need to locate to photograph. On the good side, it's not much harder to shoot a bunch of pieces than it is to set up for one piece.

I'm scurrying right along on the goldenrod gall series (still refining the actual name). Three smaller pieces are probably done:

But part of the reason they're hanging on the wall in front of my ironing space is I'm not sure of that. In fact, the larger of the three has changed a little just since this picture was taken.

I've also started quilting on one of the large pieces. Still in love with discharge paste, especially on hand dyes that have been in multiple baths:

I am using the paste like paint--applying it with a paintbrush in a 'painterly' style. The result is varied, somewhat subtle, and rich in color.

And I have come to accept that I didn't make much art in the last year due to our move--that's ok, I won't be able to enter all the shows I want to enter, but I need to make more art.

Oh, and I joined the twittering masses. Follow me, if you want, at @bjparady.

That is all.

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kathy said...

These are nice Barb...love what you're doing.