what to do, what to do

Once again, my reach exceeds my grasp. I know what I want to do, I can't decide how to do it. Maybe the problem is I don't know the minutiae of what I want to do, just the general outline. Maybe I am too enamored of this particular piece of fabric to just dive in and not worry about the consequences. Maybe there are too many choices. Maybe none of the choices I have tried are the right one. Maybe I'm just dithering for the sake of dithering.

The problem:
I want to use a piece of hand dyed cheesecloth (great texture, some change of feel in the piece when it's there) in front of a piece of disperse transfer dyed polyester. My choices:

1. Sew it on somehow:

b. (Yep, I know I started out numbering--I'm a CarTalk groupie). Use wonder under, of which I have a bunch. Used a piece of parchment paper thanks to a comment on my previous post:

3. Use black misty fuse, of which I don't have very much, again with parchment paper:

This time the problem isn't extra shininess as much as it is you can just see the excess webbing in the spaces between threads of the cheesecloth. The black is definitely better in that the parts of the webbing you see look like black lines, maybe intentional lines. But there are still places that you can see glints on the edges of the threads.

But the stitched parts leave me a little meh, too. There the cheesecloth becomes more of the center of attention than just a part of a unified whole. The version of stitching I like best is done with machine thread but hand stitched--but I wonder if, over time, the parts between the lines of stitching would sag and call attention to themselves.

So, what to do, what to do. I have to consider that my reluctance to jump into any of these alternatives is my inner voice saying 'whoa, none of these is what you want'. But it could just be I'm stuck in dither world.

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