making lemonade...I hope

I quilted the last piece of the big dye. It seemed kind of meh. I discharged some barbed wire on it, that helped a little. I decided I wanted birds sitting on the wires, but kind of ghostly birds, more the idea of birds. So I cut some bird shapes out of black Misty Fuse and fused them on:

Kind of what I was looking for, but I disliked the sheen of the fusible--maybe at that point I should have tried to just remove the fusing. I didn't. I just kept plowing on down the row:

Fusible web, meet fake metal foil. In one way I liked them, but they were kind of gaudy. Bold, distracting, shiny. Move on to black paint to dull the surface:

That black line along the left isn't a shadow. It's where the paint bled out onto the surface. Oops.

Next came a pause of a couple of days coming up with other options. One of them, which seems to have won the day, is this:

Don't like it? Cut it out, finish the edges. Actually, this is an improvement. But if I leave it an open space, I'm dependent upon the color of the wall the piece is hanging on. Not a good option. So I added some black scrim:

Nice. But why stop there (btw, my inner voice seems to be strangely silent these days; perhaps she's still on vacation), keep on digging into the hole. I put Paper Solvy behind the hole, and started stitching away with various threads:

I've now removed the paper, and the piece is still wet so it doesn't photograph well. But I think it might work. Still have 6 other birds to do if I go for it, but at the moment I have no idea where this piece is going.

I still retain one of my other options, cutting into several smaller pieces...


mistyfuse said...

You used a Teflon sheet to apply the Mistyfuse? Teflon makes Mistyfuse shiny. Parchment paper makes Mistyfuse matte. If you just place parchment paper over the Mistyfuse (even after it's has been fused down) and iron again.... voila.... no shine!

bj parady said...

You know, I wondered about that. But I was too impatient to actually research it, and had no parchment paper in the house. But it's good to know for future reference. Thanks.