Book review for a change

I'm a sucker, I admit, for Amazon's free shipping. The only problem is you have to spend $25 to get it, and sometimes what I need to order isn't that much. So I keep a list of interesting things and when I need to, I order one of them.

Connecting Art to Stitch by Sandra Meech was one such book. I don't remember adding it to my list, but when I needed something, I picked it. And I'm glad I did.

The book contains a lot of kind of standard art exercises--composition, use of line, color--with plenty of examples and suggestions to try. These exercises are useful for a lot of aspiring fiber artists--in my humble opinion, a subject not studied enough.

But this book differs in that a lot of the examples and ideas are geared towards the fiber artist, using the stitch as line. Texture making, emphasizing, filling space, lots of uses for the stitch.

It celebrates the stitch, and proves that fiber art is art, just art with a needle rather than a brush.

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Shelley Brucar said...

BJ, That looks interesting. Thanks! I also like the stamp you showed in previous post.