you just never know...

I surprise myself sometimes.

Months ago I carved a stamp:

© 2010 BJ Parady

I think it was inspired by some sketches I made of palm tree bark (or maybe it was insect tracks in the palm tree trunk). Anyway, I remember not being very impressed with the stamp.

But then the other day I picked it up to modify one of the silk screen prints I had made. And I liked the results:

© 2010 BJ Parady

I like it a lot. I think it's organic and yet interesting, varied enough that the repeats aren't obvious. The piece of fabric I stamped was kind of small, so I'm making a box out of it:

© 2010 BJ Parady

Nor sure why I'm into making boxes these days...but I am. In between paperwork and gardening and cleaning, I'm feeding the muse playing with little boxes.


kathy said...

I think that's a great stamp. I'm always amazed at how things come around...like we're being led in a certain direction but it's not time to reveal the whole thing...

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

How great is this! A wonderful stamp.