always learning

I spent the first part of this week at the Siena Center in Racine, WI. I was there for a seminar sponsored by PAQA, and taught by Alyson Stanfield. The subject was marketing, with an emphasis on using social media.

I had expected to spend a good part of my off hours staring at the lake. This is the view I had instead:

©2010 BJ Parady

Oh, well. At least I learned a lot, came out with plans of action, things to do to improve my online presence, avenues to explore. That's a good thing.

Because the thing is, most artists don't want to do the things you have to do to sell art. They--We--want to make art. Anything we can learn to make it easier to market that art is translatable to more time in the studio.

Did you know that most artists are introverts? That doesn't help the situation. In addition to learning all the other business stuff, we have to overcome that.


©2010 BJ Parady

But now, thanks to some focused learning at the seminar, I feel the fog is lifting and I know where I want to go. Keep watching this space.


Ann Brauer said...

I can't wait to see the results of your quiet contemplation by the lake. Wonderful pictures and blog.

I grew up in Dixon, Illinois--probably just west of where you are. I love yourwork.

bj parady said...

Thanks so much.
Dixon is a little west and mostly south of us. I was through there last week on my way to Decatur.