We had a well attended opening Friday night; downtown Decatur really hops on First Fridays. And the show looks great--Sue Powell did an excellent job of hanging it--and of picking the artists for it.

This picture shows the work of four artists--, Leandra Spangler, David Johnson, Peggy Wyman, and me.

What struck me most as I viewed the show for the first time was how well the work went together--palette, visual language, style. There are five distinct voices at work here, but five voices that are able to communicate with each other.

Here Leandra's vessel relates almost perfectly to the blue slashes in two of my pieces--the free form shape of her vessel (for which she first wove a reed basket, then covered with handmade stamped paper and paint) even echoes the free form slashes I cut out of silk.

Again Leandra's vessel brings out the firey orange in my piece on the right, and Ann's framed pieces on the left. Peggy's pine needle objects echo the color and shape of Leandra's piece. David's kimono shaped tapestry on the left connects to all the pieces.

And here again my piece and Leandra's play off of each other.

Sue chose all of us from the internet, without actually seeing any of our work in person. I think she did a marvelous job of picking five very compatible artists. Thanks, Sue.

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