If I could turn back time...

© 2010 BJ Parady

Sometimes I make the wrong choice for a piece. In cases like the one above, when the puckery quilting stitch I was doing turned out to confuse the piece rather than improve it, I could easily undo the stitches and return to the previous state of the piece.

© 2010 BJ Parady

A little time and patience, and I'm left with a pile of threads and an unfinished piece, ready for the next mistake--or improvement--never quite sure which it is going to be.

But some changes are permanent.

© 2010 BJ Parady

I had this piece I snow dyed last year. There was a high contrast level in it that I wasn't too pleased about--I'm usually a low-mid contrast kind of artist. So I tried applying some paint. In my defense, it looked good wet.

© 2010 BJ Parady

The loss of white just deadens the piece. The direction I was thinking of going with it has been blocked, must take a detour. Which probably means it will hang on my wall for another month awaiting a revelation from the muse.

Such is life.

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The Idaho Beauty said...

Hang in there - some days you just can't win & if you're not careful, you start to believe you never will!